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We became a 501 c 3 organization in the spring of 2011, though it has been several lifetimes in the making. Our volunteers, trainers, donors and administrators bring a lifetime of experience, knowledge and compassion to our team. Some contributors are involved because they are veterans, love a veteran or they want to support veterans who are suffering. Some simply love dogs and know the healing power which can come from unconditional love. Some recognize their own unique skill sets and want to contribute to an organization which is doing so much good by contributing their own talents to the cause.

The veterans who come to us and participate in our Trauma Resiliency Program and receive a service dog have gotten to a place in their lives that they are ready – ready for change, ready for growth, ready to reclaim their lives. Along the way many of them become like family members to the This Able Veteran group and will return to volunteer themselves, giving back so that others may receive the same opportunity they themselves have.

The service dog trainers come to study and work under us because of Behesha’s incredible knowledge and understanding of dogs. As the trainers begin to learn about dog psychology, they come to understand how the dogs help the veterans traverse their own worlds. A desire to help and a desire to use their own skills to benefit others is born.

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