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Before emailing, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. There you will find answers to many questions including how to apply, if your own dog can be trained and links to other resources.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page


Our program works. We can help do amazing things. But we can help only as much as you’ll let us. You have to be ready for us. You have to be ready to face yourself. And even then, the responsibility of having a service dog is a serious commitment. We’re not saying this to discourage you. But we need to be real.

Our program specializes in helping American military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by teaching them coping mechanisms through our Trauma Resiliency Program, and by providing them with a PTSD service dog custom-trained for the individual.

Not every veteran will benefit from having a PTSD service dog. You’ll need to decide if your lifestyle and living arrangements will permit having a medium-sized service dog. You’ll have to be ready and able to assume the responsibilities of having a working dog, including being the leader in the partnership, and providing for the care and health of the dog. You’ll also have to be willing to take the dog with you everywhere, not as a pet but as a partner, and that will identify you as having a disability. A service dog is not a substitute for therapy, so we’ll also expect you to remain in active therapy with your primary provider.

Our 3-week program is intense. We’ll ask you to face your fears in order to understand them better. And we’re asking you to set the foundation in that short time for a long partnership. But you won’t be alone. You’ll be building a team. And you’ll be in company with other veterans with similar needs.

Before applying for our program, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I ready to take control of my life? Am I ready to overcome the limitations of PTSD?
  • Am I able to focus on the needs of and provide for the care of a service dog?
  • Am I ready to provide a leadership role in a partnership with a service dog?
  • Do I have the financial resources to afford dog care, including veterinarian care?
  • Do I have the ability to ensure the dog receives regular exercise?
  • Am I ready to make a long-term commitment to maintaining our training?
  • Am I able to leave home and/or work for three weeks for this training?

A PTSD service dog is not the answer if:

  • You don’t want to be identified as needing a service dog. Service dogs must be identified as such, and that, in turn, identifies you.
  • You feel helpless, have uncontrolled anger or are refusing treatment.
  • If you are homeless. We require a permanent residence.
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page


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