PTSD Essentials Service Dog Training Academy

November 4-17, 2021 

We hear you! We’ve heard from a whole lot of professional and experienced dog trainers who want to help our veterans, especially those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). So, we created a dog trainers academy just for them. Our PTSD Essentials Service Dog Trainer Academy is taught at the same level of instruction as our advanced PTSD Service Dog Trainer Academy.

We designed this academy to help professional dog trainers advance their current skill sets, and to help build a solid foundation for those who want to become dog trainers. The PTSD Essentials Service Dog Trainer Academy is focused on helping trainers learn why dogs do what they do, how to understand their signals, behaviors and expressions to create an environment that promotes rapid, conflict-free learning in the dog/handler relationship.

This academy is one of the most behavior-based trainer schools in the United States. We recommend this course for those who want to enroll in our PTSD Service Dog Trainer Academy, but really, it’s valuable for any dog trainer seeking additional training experience. If you want to be a dog trainer, or if you need the credentials showing your accomplishments, you’ll find that completion of this academy will demonstrate your ability to work and communicate with working dogs

Learn to:

  • Recognize and read communication in dog posture, facial expression, body language, movement and tonal inflection.
  • Identify the numerous and diverse sources of canine behavior. Understanding the root of dog behavior is critical for effective dog training.
  • Understand how the dog brain processes and stores information, and how to make associations between stimuli and reward to ensure long-term memory and performance under stress.

What trainers can expect:

  • Personal, hands-on interactive work with untrained dogs.
  • Examples of dog communication in video footage.
  • Large field pack socialization.
  • Personal coaching.
  • Assigned “project dogs.”
  • A greater understanding of how to use with dogs’ instincts to achieve results

There are many different approaches to dog training. But there is no substitute for learning to view the world through a dog’s eyes. Understanding how a dog sees things will cut years off your learning curve as a trainer. 

Class space is limited.

Apply now.


Minimum of 6, Maximum of 10 students


Academy dates: November 4-17, 2021
Early bird application: ($250 discount)
$3,250 (U.S. currency) due by September 9, 2021
Early bird deposit: $750 due upon notice of acceptance
Early bird balance due in full: October 2, 2021
After early bird: $3500
Deposit due (non-early bird):  $875 due upon notice of acceptance
Balance due:  October 2, 2021

All deposits are non-refundable.*


Many veterans want to help serve their fellow brothers and sisters in meaningful ways. To help make this possible, we are proudly offering two, $1,000 scholarships (available to veterans only). Upon notification of being admitted to the academy, the veteran must be able to present their DD214. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


We recommend Comfort Inn in Marion. Please note, they do not accept pets – only service dogs. Phone:  618-993-0183


Our campus is centrally located in beautiful southern Illinois – just a few miles from Interstate 57. An airport is also conveniently located for easy travel. Fly into St. Louis’ Lambert Airport, then catch the shuttle flight to Marion, Illinois.

Cape Air: St. Louis Airport to Marion via Cape Air
Enterprise Rental Car:

* If we do not meet the class minimum, your deposit will either be refunded or applied to the next Academy.

Apply now.