This Able Veteran Service Dog and Trainer Graduate Together

We don’t say it lightly when we emphasize how much all of our trainers care about This Able Veteran’s dogs in training. They are such a force; a team that works tirelessly 24/7 the entirety of the 18 months it takes to raise one class of working dogs.

One of our trainers recently graduated Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science that she fully plans on using to better the lives of the animals in her care, including  TAV dogs. She brought the dogs with her to every class she took every day for two years, just to make sure they could be trained in public access work while she was actively studying.

On graduation day, Elise Ratajczyk walked up on stage with the company of the service dog in training she was currently assigned. Her graduation cap sported the This Able Veteran’s logo to show just how proud she is to be part of something so meaningful to these veteran’s lives. She stresses that “I wouldn’t be where I am without the patience of my team, the endless hours of my peers and Behesha teaching me everything I know, and their flexibility in helping me finish up my degree.”

Stay tuned for upcoming posts of Elise as she  takes an epic cross-country road trip with This Able Veteran’s service dog, Pippin.